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MODELS 2018 will take place at IT University of Copenhagen, in the award winning building designed by Henning Larsen architects. The university is located in the new part of the city, close to the city center and the airport. Denmark is not part of the euro zone, thus one needs to use Danish Kroner (DKK) for paying cash. However, majority of stores and shops accept major credit cards brands.


IT University is located at Rued Langgaards Vej 7, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark. [Baidu Maps]

Traveling to Copenhagen

By plane

Copenhagen is very well connected to many cities in Europe as well as to North America and Asia. There are direct flights from Toronto, New York, Boston, Washington, San Francisco, Chicago, as well as Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Bangkok and many others. From the airport, it takes 15-20 min by metro to reach the city centre of Copenhagen. IT University is easily reached from the airport in 20-30 minutes.

By car

Denmark has extensive highway roads, and can be reached either on land or by taking a ferry from Germany. Note that there is no free parking at the conference venue. It is best to arrange parking with your hotel if planning to come by car. Otherwise the car park in front of the building is charged per hour.

By train

Copenhagen can be easily reached by train either from Germany or from Sweden. There are multiple direct trains from these countries to Copenhagen, and the train station is centrally located, making it easy to quickly access any part of the city. Train access from other countries is possible as well though it may take longer.


Taxis are good quality and easily accessible at the airport. The trip from the airport to the city costs around 300kr, a bit less to ITU. All taxis accept credit cards onboard (2-3 EUR per hour during the day).

How to reach IT University

IT University is easily reachable by metro, bike, foot or car. Please note that in general everybody speaks English fluently, thus do not hesitate to ask for directions in case you are confused. In general, public transport and biking are the preferred ways of transportation. These are heavily used by the locals and usually in very good conditions.

Using the metro

The closest metro station is DR Byen. The Copenhagen metro system has two lines, M1(green line) and M2(yellow line). To reach IT University, you must take the M1 line towards “Vestamager” if coming from the city center and get off at “DR Byen”. Walk near the canal and pass the big building (Danish Radio and TV) and once you reach the first car street - Kaj Munks Vej -, the IT University building is on the right.

Metro & Public Transport Tickets

Tickets can be purchased from all metro stations using credit/debit cards. A more convenient way is to buy a City Pass for either 24h or 72h, and they cost 100 DKK and 200 DKK respectively. The city pass allows transportation on metro, bus, and trains in zones 1-4 (includes all city centre and airport area), and it can be bought online with no extra charge (an sms is sent to your phone number; the sms must be shown to the controller when they ask).

Please be aware that traveling without a ticket results in a fine of 750 DKK (approx. 100 euro).

Using the bus

IT University can be reached by bus at stations “DR Byen St. (Grønjordsvej)”, where bus nr. 35 stops, or at stop “Hørgården” where bus nr. 33 stops.

Using the bike

Copenhagen is renowed for its extensive bike paths. As anywhere in the city, IT University can be easily reached by bike from anywhere. The bike can be parked either in the building’s basement (which is locked between certain hours), or just outside of the building like many people do. Make sure you follow the cycling rules and have proper bike lights if you intend to bike in Copenhagen.

The conference hotels have bike rentals, so please check with them in case you wish to rent a bike.

Bike Sharing

Copenhagen has an extensive bike sharing program. There are many stations where these bikes can be borrowed or returned. The online webiste can help to identify a location where bikes are available. To find out more about how to rent and return a bike, please see this How To section.

Boat Bus

More information coming soon.