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Models, Agile and DevOps: MAD@MODELS’18

Monday Afternoon, October, 15th 2018, 14:00-17:00

DevOps and agile goes hand in hand – where does modeling fit?

There is Model Driven Development (MDD), there is Agile Development, and now DevOps is all the rage. These methodologies certainly warrant discussions individually. Many might suggest that it’s hard to adopt all of them while still recognizing the value if it were possible to meet their business needs. Architecture modeling with an agile development methodology could be the key to managing ever changing business requirements. Ensuring models are integrated into continuous build might streamline your DevOps pipeline. Could models solve the DevOps hurdles in IoT helping to integrate and deploy into an edge computing environment? Modeling for your agile distributed teams helps them respond to problems ultimately delivering DevOps solutions through Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment. The goal of MAD@MODELS’18 is to bring together IT professionals and swap ideas and strategies on how to truly accomplish an integrated DevOps pipeline using models on agile teams. Yes, let’s hear about and share successes and failures toward having MDD in an Agile team doing Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment.

MAD@MODELS is a new event that will continue to evolve at future Models conferences. If you have a suggested topic that you would like to cover please reach out to Kimi Cousins.


Since the MAD@MODELS meeting is fully part of MODELS’18, participants will have to register through the MODELS registration system.


  • Introduction: Agile Modeling: The next step, Michael Hudson (HCL)
  • Discussion: This is a late breaking session and we expect a very interactive session with input from participants. If you have experiences in the DevOps and Agile combined with modelling that you would like to share contact Kimi Cousins for discussions already before the conference. We are continuously updating the program below with relevant topics.


Monday Afternoon 15 Oct 2018

14:00 - 17:00: MAD@MODELS Meeting at XXX Room
Chair(s): Kimi Cousins
14:00-14:30 Introduction: Agile Modeling: The next step
Michael Hudson HCL
14:30-17:00 Discussion
  • Modeling in the continuous pipeline
    • Successes that work
    • Challenges and how to overcome them
  • Architecture in an agile and DevOps project
    • How to maintain architecture integrity while delivering every 2-3 week
  • Decision History, remembering the WHY
    • Maintaining your intellectual capital