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Models, Agile and DevOps: MAD@MODELS’18

Monday Afternoon, October, 15th 2018, 14:00-17:00

DevOps and agile goes hand in hand – where does modeling fit?

There is Model Driven Development (MDD), there is Agile Development, and now DevOps is all the rage. These methodologies certainly warrant discussions individually. Many might suggest that it’s hard to adopt all of them while still recognizing the value if it were possible to meet their business needs. Architecture modeling with an agile development methodology could be the key to managing ever changing business requirements. Ensuring models are integrated into continuous build might streamline your DevOps pipeline. Modeling for your agile distributed teams helps them respond to problems ultimately delivering DevOps solutions through Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment. The goal of MAD@MODELS’18 is to bring together IT professionals and swap ideas and strategies on how to truly accomplish an integrated DevOps pipeline using models on agile teams. Yes, let’s hear about and share successes and failures toward having MDD in an Agile team doing Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment.

MAD@MODELS is a new event that will continue to evolve at future Models conferences. If you have a suggested topic that you would like to cover please reach out to Kimi Cousins.


Since the MAD@MODELS meeting is fully part of MODELS’18, participants will have to register through the MODELS registration system.


  • Modeling, Agile and DevOps – three words combined that can’t make sense! Michael Hudson (HCL)
  • MAD in Your Organization: Thomas Wiman (Adocus AB)
  • MAD is the possible: Ton Janssen (Oce)
  • Large Teams going MAD: Roger Holmberg (Ericsson), Olivera Milenkovic (Aspire Technology)

We expect a very interactive session with input from all participants. If you have experiences in the DevOps and Agile combined with modelling that you would like to share you should be at this session. If you are interested in how modeling can be successfully integrated into an Agile development team and DevOps pipeline you should be at this session.


Monday Afternoon 15 Oct 2018

14:00 - 17:00: MAD@MODELS Meeting in Room 4A54
Chair(s): Kimi Cousins
14:00-15:30 Modeling, Agile and DevOps – three words combined that can’t make sense!
Michael Hudson HCL
  • Using Models to getting people involved and bought in (Thomas Wiman Adocus)
    • Why model
    • When to model
    • What’s our model
  • Taking the MAD hurdle (Ton Janssen Océ)
    • Continuous integration
    • Faster builds
    • Agile
  • Scaling for a Large Team (Olivera Milenkovic Aspire Technology; Roger Holmberg Ericsson)
    • Agile ways of working
    • Machine learning
    • Continuous integration
15:30-16:00 BREAK
14:30-17:00 Bring your MAD experiences and join these industry leaders in a lively discussion

Michael Hudson is HCL’s Technology Director for DevOps products and platforms. He recently joined HCL having spent many years at IBM where he was a Distinguished Engineer and Master Inventor working in the Financial Services, Commerce and Middleware industries. Michael started out Europe, but he now lives near the beach in sunny South Florida

Ton Janssen started as a SW Engineer / Designer at Océ in 1999 after working for 14 years at Philips Medical systems, also in the Embedded (system) software for data acquisition systems. Main Focus area at Océ is Embedded Software development in several printer projects (cut-sheet and wide-format) using ObjectTime, Rational Rose RealTime and currently RSA-RTE. Led the migration project from Rose-RT to RSA-RTE, from 2008 to the actual migration in 2015/2016

Thomas Wiman, Adocus AB, holds an MSc in Computer Science. He has worked extensively with UML-modeling and IBM Rational family of modeling tools as a consultant for the last 20 years in many different roles and organizations. Thomas has developed and delivered trainings in UML-based modeling, model-driven development methods and Rational modeling tools. He has defined several customer-specific modeling languages based on UML within many different business areas. Thomas have been the inventor and architect of several extensions to the Rational Software Architect family of modeling tools, among others MetaModelAgent for simplified domain-specific modeling and model analysis.

Olivera Milenkovic is a Senior Software Architect working in Aspire Technology in Dublin. For the last 17 years she has been involved in software design tools integration and support area for a multinational telecommunications company that design embedded and real-time applications. She has been involved in large scale tools related migrations, tools deployments, alignments and support. As part of her work she is closely working with various tools vendors and some open source projects, providing feedback and securing successful deployment of new tools and improvements in existing tools. Before that Olivera was working for 9 years at Belgrade University. She has a PhD in Mathematics.

Roger Holmberg is Product Owner of the Engineering Environment within the Ericsson Networks division. Prior to this role he was the strategy manager for high priority and fast-to-market features development departments. Before joining current roles, Roger worked as software and systems engineer at the site in Canada. Main focus areas now are Engineering Analytics, Modeling, evolving ways of working and collaboration. In addition, Roger also represents Ericsson in various Open Source communities.

Kimi Cousins lives in Raleigh, NC, where she works as the HCL Product Manager for RAD, RSAx and RSARTE with a focus on DevOps. She has over 25 years in the software industry and brings a breadth of knowledge and expertise from her roles in product management, development, design, project management, as well as, managing both development and IT teams. @KimiCousins