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Model-Based Systems Engineering Meeting @ MODELS 2018

Tuesday October, 16th 2018


Model-Driven Engineering has contributed significantly to software engineering and the current state of the art in terms of tools and techniques shows a level of maturity that makes its adoption in fields other than software possible. Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is both an experimented area and a current high topic of interest in software-intensive systems such as automotive or complex systems. This year MODELS will host a dedicated meeting on MBSE that will explore the specifics of Systems Engineering when it comes to modeling, with industrial invited talks and hopefully fruitful discussions between practitioners and academics on the current working solutions and remaining challenges.


Since the MBSE meeting is fully part of MODELS’18, participants will have to register through the MODELS registration system.


  • Keynote: SysML v2 and MBSE: The next ten years, Ed Seidewitz (Model Driven Solutions)

  • Morning session focussing in Automotive Challenges

    • Industrial talks:
      • Mattias Mohlin (HCL)
      • To be announced (Continental)
      • Christian Zingel (AVL)
    • Panel & Discussions: « What are the challenges facing Automotive industry in terms of MBSE? »
  • Afternoon session focussing in MBSE Adoption Challenges

    • Industrial talks:
      • Jesko Lamm (Bernafon)
      • Yves Bernard (Airbus)
      • Stéphane Bonnet (Thalès)
      • Marco Ferrogalini (Bombardier Transport)
      • Pascal Roques (PRFC)
    • Panel & Discussions: « How can we improve MBSE adoption in industry ? »