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Accepted Posters

Stand-Alone Posters

BPjs - An Extensible, Open Infrastructure for Behavioral Programming Research

Gera Weiss, Michael Bar-Sinai and Reut Shmuel

Data Mining Meets System Modelling

Visar Januzaj

Ensuring Models Consistency in a Smart Grid Cosimulation Approach

David Oudart

Static Extraction of IFML Models for Android Apps

An Huang, Minxue Pan, Tian Zhang and Xuandong Li

Paper-Accompanying Posters

A Model-Driven Solution to support Smart Mobility Planning

Antonio Bucchiarone and Antonio Cicchetti

Paper accepted at Main Conference Track

Unified LTL Verification and Embedded Execution of UML Models

Valentin Besnard, Matthias Brun, Frédéric Jouault, Ciprian Teodorov and Philippe Dhaussy

Paper accepted at Main Conference Track

Improving the Developer Experience with a Low-Code Process Modelling Language

Henrique Henriques, Hugo Lourenço, Vasco Amaral and Miguel Goulão

Paper accepted at Main Conference Track

We'll Make Modelers Out of 'Em Yet: Introducing Modeling into a Curriculum

Eric J. Rapos

Paper accepted at Educators Symposium

How to Improve the Understanding of Roles in Modeling

Markus Hamann, Juliane Pfeffer and Birgit Demuth

Paper accepted at Educators Symposium

Towards a Body of Knowledge for Model-Based Software Engineering

Federico Ciccozzi, Michalis Famelis, Gerti Kappel, Leen Lambers, Sebastien Mosser, Richard Paige, Alfonso Pierantonio, Arend Rensink, Rick Salay, Gabriele Taentzer, Antonio Vallecillo and Manuel Wimmer

Paper accepted at Educators Symposium

Evolution Towards Teaching a Holistic Course in Model-Driven System Development: Modeling for Enterprise Architecture with Business and System Architecture and Platform-based Development

Arne J. Berre, Shihong Huang, Hani Murad and Ewa Kabza

Paper accepted at Educators Symposium

Using Process Algebra to Statically Analyze Incremental Propagation Graphs

Théo Le Calvar, Fabien Chhel, Frédéric Jouault and Frédéric Saubion

Paper accepted at W3 Workshop on OCL and Textual Modeling

The Bicycle Challenge in DMLA, where Validation Means Correct Modeling

Gergely Mezei, Zoltan Theisz, Dániel Urbán and Sándor Bácsi

Paper accepted at W15 Workshop on Multi-Level Modeling (MULTI)

ModelByVoice - Towards a General Purpose Model Editor for Blind People

João Lopes, Joao Cambeiro and Vasco Amaral

Paper accepted at W16 Workshop on Human Factors in Modeling (HuFaMo)