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Conference program overview

Conference pre-events, Co-located events, Tutorials, Workshops Main conference
Sun AM (Oct 14th) Sun PM (Oct 14th) Mon AM (Oct 15th)
Mon PM (Oct 15th) Tue AM (Oct 16th) Tue PM (Oct 16th) Wed Oct 17th Thu Oct 18th Fri Oct 19th
W1 ModComp SAM Conference Keynote - Noelle E. Selin Keynote - Martijn Wisse Keynote - James R. Cordy
W2 MODELS@Runtime xtUML Days Foundations Track Foundations Track
Foundations Track
W3 OCL W6 COMMitMDE Model-Based Systems Engineering Meeting Industry Day Practice and Innovation Track MODELS & SoSyM Most Influential Papers
W4 FlexibleMDE W7 MDETools MPS day HCL Modeling tools restarted & meet HCL Conference Reception & Poster Session SoSyM Editorial Meeting (16:30-18:00)
W5 EXE W8 GEMOC W11 MDEbug Steering Commitee Meeting (17:00-19:00 - by invitation only) Steering Commitee Lunch (11:30-13:00 - by invitation only)
T1 Hawk T2 Making Modeling
Cool Again
W9 MORSE W12 MoDeVVA Banquet at the Opera
T12 ML + FV = ♥! T3 DevYrCar W13 PAINS
T4 DEVS T5 Statecharts W14 Models and Evolution W17 AMMoRe
T6 Actors T7 Co-Evolution W15 MULTI
T8 ThingML T9 RobMoSys T10 WebGME
W16 HuFaMo T11 SPES
W10 MDE4IoT Doctoral Symposium

Models, Agile and DevOps: MAD@MODELS Educators Symposium

Satellite Reception at Royal Library